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Julia Domna AR Denarius

Scotvs Capitis

Julia Domna AR Denarius Alexandrian Mint, Struck 195 AD. Ob: IVLIA AVGVSTA Rv: VENVS F-ELIX. Venus standing left with apple, raising her garment. Unlisted in RIC, Cohen or BMC. Ref: R.A.Bickford-Smith, The Imperial Mints in the East for Septimius Severus, RIN 96 (1994/95), page 56 and page 70, Taf. I, 10. Ref: The Barry P. Murphy Collection of Severan Denarii, Julia Domna - Alexandria Mint Page 2, SEV-483 thru SEV-489 (Attribution Assistance: C. Caesar Germ.)

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Ladies of Rome

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