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Dupondius Livia


TIBERIUS, for Livia his wife, mother of Tiberius, † 29. Æ Dupondius. Rome, circa 21/22 AD. Obv. SALVS AVGVSTA Draped bust of Livia r., hair in knot behind. Rev. TI CAESARV DIVI AVG F AVF P M TR POT XXIIII around S C. Cohen 5 This dupondius belongs to a series of nine aera issued by Tiberius in 22/23 in his name, and that of his son and heir Drusus. The series is meant to introduce a new dynastic arrangement and to celebrate some of Tiberius’ proudest achievements. It has three dupondii – including this Salus type – each of which bears a portrait of a woman that traditionally has been described as Livia or merely as the personification named in the accompanying inscription. In reality, only one of them – this one, SALVS AVGVSTA dupondius – portrays Livia. Of the remaining two, the Pietas bust represents Livilla, and Justitia is the personification herself, as the type reflects the justice Tiberius achieved in court against Piso, who was said to have murdered Tiberius’ first heir Germanicus. The three coins represent a ‘family set’ of coinage organized in descending denominational order, which celebrates the relatives that Tiberius intended to succeed himself and his mother Livia.[after NAC] Smoothed surfaces. Provenance Paris Drouot, 7 June 2000, lot 81.

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