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Vol 09 No. 07 July 1995

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A press release in the "People in the News" section of this issue announces our acceptance of a position with Classical Numismatic Group. Inc. of Lancaster. PA. This may be a surprising development to some, but it actually follows on a long history of association with the firm, its principals, and its employees. We will attempt here to answer a few of the more obvious questions that may be raised as a result of this decision.

What will become of The Celator? This is perhaps the easiest of questions to answer. The Celator will continue to serve as an independent and unbiased medium for the enjoyment and education of its readers. Over the past several years we have watched with pride as our son Steven and daughter Stephanie have assumed ever increasing responsibility for the production of this journal. They are. in our opinion, quite capable of producing the publication effectively and with a high degree of integrity. We have absolute confidence that through their effort and with a little fatherly advice- it will continue to prosper and improve over the coming years. Much of the editorial strength and popularity of The Celator comes from the readers themselves and the sense of fraternalism which the publication represents and encourages. We see no reason for that to change. Personally, we will continue to contribute articles, and perhaps an occasional guest commentary, but the publishing responsibilities, editorial decisions, and monthly commentary will pass to Steve.

Stephanie will become President of Celator, Inc., which encompasses other business activities in addition to The Celator. To avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, we should stress here that CNG has not acquired and is not in the process of acquiring, any interest in the assets or operations of Celator. Inc. It has always been our policy that the names and addresses of subscribers to The Celator are confidential, and they will remain so. 

Why did we make this move'? Primarily because it is a new and exciting Challenge. As a career numismatist, we have goals and ambitions not unlike those of most of our readers. The opportunity to develop and nurture an international forum for collectors of ancient and medieval coins has been a wonderfully fulfilling experience, but we feel that there is yet another level of involvement for us within the hobby which can result in meaningful achievements. Classical Numismatic Group has provided a vehicle through which we can increase our efforts to draw elements of the collecting, academic, and professional numismatic communities together. Obviously, as Director of Marketing for CNG, we will be concerned with the development of broader markets. which is important to the success of any commercial venture, However, we will also be developing a Public Affairs program that will actively promote collecting as an honorable and useful avocation which significantly enhances man's understanding of history and culture. One of our goals is to build a bridge between collectors and academicians so that knowledge can more easily be shared, and cooperative efforts might be considered for their mutual benefit. Toward this end, we expect to become more active in speaking engagements and educational forums. We will continue to attend most major numismatic conventions and will of course be available to collectors for assistance with numismatic related questions as usual.

What about Clio's Cabinet? For those of you who may not be familiar with that enterprise, we have been involved in the wholesale buying and selling of ancient coins for nearly thirty years. Occasionally, we have staffed a bourse table at shows in the Midwest where we dealt directly with the public. We plan to set up at the Mid-America show in Milwaukee this month and following that will suspend further operations. We will continue, as an employee of CNG, to assist individual collectors that we have served in the past.

We will be writing one more commentary, for the August issue of The Celator, which will undoubtedly be an emotional experience.

Speaking of writing. we have had wonderful support from our readers who contribute articles on a wide variety of subjects, we try each month to offer a diversified package of articles and features. It seems, however, that contributions tend to run in streaks. Lately, we have been receiving very few articles about Greek coinage. If you have been planning to write something for publication, now is the time- especially if it deals with coinage from the Greek world. One of the great joys of our hobby is the sharing of experiences and discoveries. There is probably no better place for this sharing to take place than in the pages of The Celator, so give it a try! After all. this is a cooperative effort and without your input we all are less enriched.

Steve will be representing The Celator at Ihe ANA convention next month. We hope you'll introduce yourself if you happen to cross paths. In any event, we wish you a pleasant Summer and success in your individual collecting pursuits. We love to hear from our readers. so why not share your point of view?



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