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Vol 06 No. 06 June 1992

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This issue affords the reader a rare and exclusive opportunity to buy or bid on coins from a well-known and published collection. The remaining Greek bronze coins from the collection of Henry Clay Lindgren arc being offered in a special four-page center section advertisement by the "soon to be venerable" Frank Kovacs of San Matco, California.

Within this column we do not normally promote the offerings of specific dealers, but this is a very special event in a number of ways. On the one hand, it answers the perennial requests from our readers for a major listing of inexpensive coins. Many of the coins in this sale are able to be bought out right for less than the cost of a single dinner; some for less than lunch at McDonald's. Every coin is a plate coin from the Lindgren collection. It is the perfect opportunity for "die-hard" collectors of Greek bronzes who have budgetary limitations.

On the other hand, it reflects recognition of The Celator as the prime market vehicle for this kind of a sale. We could not ask for a more reputable numismatist than Frank Kovacs to undertake a venture of this magnitude, and we feel very comfortable about recommending participation in this sale.

The two-volume reference, published by Lindgren and Kovacs in 1985 and 1989, is actually the catalog for this sale. The reference is still available through several booksellers, including those advertising herein. The catalog is not only useful as a visual guide to the coins offered for sale, but it is also a very helpful reference to coins that are frequently ignored and seldom illustrated in other collections. Included are many types which are often difficult to attribute. Whether one buys, bids, or passes in the sale, this reference is worth having.

We are mailing the Celator a little earlier this month in the hope that we can compensate for some of the postal delays which inconvenience our readers. We are especially concerned with deadlines and have not missed one in the five and a half years that we have been publishing. If your issue does not arrive at the regular time, it is almost 
certainly, due to delays in transit, over which we have less than no control! I say "less than" because it seems that attempts to "rattle the cage" only end up in greater frustration. If your issue is lost, we will replace it without charge. It is expensive, however, for us to send replacements separately - so please be patient.

Although the Kovacs sale closes on June 19th, this month's early mailing should allow ample time for ordering the reference and responding.

Speaking of deadlines - our deadline for copy and advertising has been changed from the second Friday of each month to the 1st day of each month. The deadline line for the July issue is therefore the 1st of June, and for August the deadline is the 1st of July, etc. Hopefully, this will be an easier date to remember, and the extra lead time will allow us to mail earlier.

Dennis Kroh reminded us that our "Point of View" last month about counterfeit coins did not emphasize the fact that these particular coins were exclusively "high ticket" items. He apparently has received queries from collectors who are concerned about recent acquisitions of coins in the less than $1000 price range. There is always cause for concern about the authenticity of certain ancient coins, but not any more so than usual, since the coins produced by the "British Museum Forgers" were not made for the "average" collector. This danger to the hobby is not going to diminish in years to come, but I do believe that professional numismatists have done and are doing a reasonably good job of culling the bad material from circulation. As we have said repeatedly and will continue to say until everyone is sick of hearing it - BUY FROM A SOURCE WHERE YOU HAVE RECOURSE.

We met a few hardy souls who braved the civil strife to attend the NAB in San Francisco this month. As we were leaving the city, a torched warehouse was billowing smoke across the freeway. Actually, we were in Los Angeles (Inglewood) when the rioting broke out. Fortunately, we slipped out unnoticed, and only heard about the magnitude of the problem as we headed up I-5 to the Bay Area. It makes one reflect soberly upon the wisdom of carrying a bag of ancient coins around the country!

We will be attending the Long Beach Expo on Saturday, June 6, and the NYINC in New York on June 26 and 27. From what we can determine, the New York show is ga the ring momentum, and promises to be a well-attended and exciting affair. It will be interesting to see how the event is received, as generally show participation has been rather slack this past year. The economy seems to be putting on a better face, however, and the timing is right, so we will remain optimistic about this one.

We encourage you to support your local shows - it's good from everyone's point of view.


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