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Vol 01 No. 05 - October - November 1987

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Time sure does have a way of getting away from us and here we are two more months down the road. A s we approach the Hest anniversary of The Celator's birth it is time to look back at where we have been and forward to where we would like to go.

The support we have received In this project has been very heanwarming and the prospects for a successful future seem bright As the past year rolled along it became more and more evident that the paper would require a full time effort. Fortunately, we have been able to transition into a situation where that time is now available.

The December issue will be our last bi-monthly issue. After that, the paper will be produced monthly . The subscription rate and advertising rates will for the present, remain the same, except that the $6.00 for 6 issues will become $12 for 12 issues.

We have noted some problems in certain parts of the country with 3rd class mail delivery . While some subscribers get their paper in three or four days, others have to wait as much as two weeks. After investigating the advantages and disadvantages of 2nd class mail, we have decided to forego that option and offer instead, a first class subscription at an increased rate to cover postage for those who want their copy faster. Also, to improve the timeliness of the paper, we have moved our advertising deadline up to the second friday of each month rather than the third as has been the policy in the past. This will allow us to set up an earlier print date and mail earlier in the cycle.

A number o f readers ha ve contributed articles over the past year and we greatly appreciate their support. The exchange of information and viewpoints is what makes any hobby publication worthwhile, so keep it up! Send us your questions, ideas, papers, dissertations, etc. We don't always get our mail answered as promptly as one would like, but we do read all of the mail and use almost everything in some way or other.

We recently have entered into a new venture with Peter J. Rosa of New York to promote pure numismatic art through the sale and distribution of Scholar Copies of major coins in public collections.

These copies are executed in plaster or in silver laminated lead. They are uniface, one side being entirely flat and unfinished. They are in no way mistakeable for actual coinage. but are never-the-Iess very beautiful and educational. They provide an opportunity fo r the beginning collector of ancient coins to study the rarest and most exquisite works of numismatic art, without travelling to a major museum. We will be advertising these copies as the months unfold and I'm sure many of you will find the m appealing. In an upcoming issue we will have an interesting story about their history and that of the man who manufactures them at his little mint in the Bronx.

While we're on the subject of plugs, let me put one in for the "Rome and the Germans" exhibition catalog. U's really a great buy and I encourage every collector interested in Roman coinage to get a copy. See the news item within.

Our kudos also to Dennis Kroh of Empire Coins for supporting the Society of Ancient Numismatics with a first place prize of a $500 gift certificate and a 2nd place prize of a $250 certificate for the bes t article published in SAN during the current volume term.

On a more somber note, we learned this week of the passing of Alex Cox, chairman of Batsford, Ltd., (owner of B.A . Seaby, Ltd.). Mr. Cox reportedly died in London of a heart attack.

On a personal note, the new Sayles home that has occupied so many evenings, weekends, holidays, and delayed vacations, in its construction, is now completed and I can get back to answering all of the kind letters that have been flowing in. In the meantime, thanks ever so much to all of you who have sent me information about my own collecting specialty, the clasped hands motif. I hope someday to publish my research and  you will all have played an important role in that effort.

Thanks again for helping to make The Celator a success. Above all.. let us hear your point of view!


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