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Vol 03 No. 2 February 1989

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About This File

It has been our good fortune to be able to offer a wide assortment of stimulating feature articles in The Celator. While our stated intent has always been to entertain, we recognize also a need to inform and perhaps harbor a latent desire to educate. It is particularly gratifying when we are able to offer groundbreaking articles like those presented by Stephen Album and the excellent lead article in this issue which is shared with us by Simon Bendall.

Numismatic scholarship in this century has been somewhat maligned, partly because of the emphasis placed on the technical aspects of the discipline. These studies are seldom entertaining in and of themselves - they are, however, necessary and important to our overall understanding of ancient cultures. Notably, the articles shared with us by Album and Bendall have demonstrated that serious scholarship can, at the same time, be very entertaining. It is our hope to be able to continue and expand this style of numismatic literary convention in the months and years to come. We have received promises of contributions from several other well-known authors and will be proudly sharing their observations in future issues.

We are constantly striving to improve the appearance of The Celator as well as the content. Some of you will have noticed subtle changes in layout that we introduced in past months. In the coming months we will be experimenting with some new photographic techniques - to better illustrate coins and artifacts - as well as some heavier printing stock to enhance readability and durability. Your comments would be appreciated, since you are the prime beneficiary of these efforts.

We receive about four or five reports each month from readers who have not received the latest issue. Realistically, five out of 1,300 is not indicative of a serious problem. We do want each of our readers to receive every issue, however, so let us know if you have a problem with delivery and we will forward a replacement. In no case should delivery be delayed past the tenth day of the publication month, and in most cases, readers will receive their copies by the first of the month.

In anticipation of questions that may be raised over the coming months, we are pleased to announce that Dennis A. Sayles, brother of the publisher, is making his entry into the field of ancient numismatics under the business name "Elysian fields ". A news release is included in this issue.

We have been asked by several dealers and agencies whether the mailing list of The Celator is for sale or rent. Our policy always has been and remains that the names of subscribers are confidential and will not be released to any other person or agency for any purpose.

Since this month's "Point of View" has more or less served as a platform for announcements, we would like to put out a call for information about unlisted Turkoman coin types. If you have coins in your collection or know of coins which are not listed in Edhem, BMC, Mitchiner, or Poole we would like to know about them. A rubbing or photo would be especially helpful. Send information or inquiries to The Celator, Box 123, Lodi, WI 53555.

We will be walking the floor at the Long Beach show on Saturday, February 4, look for us in the Ancients section. Until then, have a relaxing couple of months - curl up in front of the fire with your "Best of The Celator - 1988" (unless you live in Miami, then you can lake it to the beach). Spring promises to bring a lot of excitement as a growing number of collectors scramble for top quality coins at auction. Our readers aren't at all bashful, join the ranks of the outspoken and let us hear your point of view!


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