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Vol 01 No. 02 - April May 1987

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Here it is, April just around the comer, and another issue of The Celator is about to hit the press. The past two months have been eventful to say the least. We have received so many heartwarming letters of encouragement and support that it is impossible to personally thank everyone or to publish them all (but we tried!).

There were many helpful comments and suggestions, but one recurring theme was the longing for some vehicle that would bring collectors of ancient coins and artifacts closer together as a fraternity. Too often we find ourselves overlooked because of the minority of our numbers. It would be a real source of pride and satisfaction if The Celator could function as that vehicle.

We've been on the road lately and had the pleasure of meeting some of you personally at St. Louis. Charlotte and Minneapolis. In the months to come we'll be looking forward to meeting more of you at Chicago and Long Beach. Following the show and auction circuit is a grueling experience and I tip my hat to those who do it for a living.

They certainly earn whatever compensation the fates may send their way.

The action at a major show is something to behold. There are often as many " inside" trades as there are counter sales. Watching traders work the bourse floor is a lot like watching crap shooters at Atlantic City. To an outsider. the action may seem frenetic and enigmatic - one is never quite sure where the deal is going down. Those on the inside must find it nerve wracking too, trying to figure out who has picked over a lot before it was offered to them. Still, the show is an important part of the process that links collector to coin and at a good show bargains abound.

Inevitably. a new product must work out the "bugs" as it presents itself to the public. The Celator is sensitive to this fine-tuning process and we hope to make each issue better than the last. One change you will see in this issue is our Bid Board. We received a very poor response to our first attempt and obviously need to b'y something a little different In this issue you will find that the board is in a "Buy or Bid" format and we are no longer selling board  spaces. In other words, we are running the board as an "in-house" project and personally stand behind every coin offered for sale. We have also extended the closing date for those who find their issues delayed by unpredictable mail service.

A few readers have expressed some difficulty relating to our name. The word celator is not, to some, graphically descriptive of what the newspaper is all about. This is a subject which I have considered very carefully. I wonder if The Voice of the Turtle would still be around if it had been named Ancient Coin News? On the other hand, a great name like Classical Coin Newsletter provides no guarantee of immortailty either. The Celator was chosen not because it had a catchy ring to it, but because it was a statement of purpose. The name reflects Our commitment to "advancing the appreciation of Ancient Numismatic Art" by honoring those artists who carved the dies for coins in antiquity. We never tire of explaining the title's meaning and hope our readers feel the same way. Thanks for your support, and let us hear your point of view!


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